Email marketing has rapidly grown to be one of the most effective ways to get your business’ message across to the largest number of prospective customers so it is a good idea to learn more about how to make it more effective.

Whether you are new to email marketing or you have been using it for a while, you have probably been thinking about taking it to the next level. Do you think you could get more engagement from your readers? Would you like to improve your conversion rate? If so you might want to try these easy ways to be sure your emails will appeal to your readers.

Evaluate Your Fonts

It is sometimes tempting to use fonts that are exotic or different but don’t do it! Fonts do not display the same on everyone’s computer. They might be replaced by a default font and look completely different to the recipient. Even if the font displays the way you want it to, the reader may not like it. So use fonts that are basic, understated and very easy to read.

Keep Your Color Scheme Consistent

Always make sure your color scheme is consistent throughout all of your marketing and make sure it reflects your brand. If you are not consistent, you will look like an amateur and you might lose customers. There are several great sites online such as COLOURlovers where you can get great ideas to establish your brand’s colors.

Set Goals and Re-evaluate Often

You need to stay on top of your business by setting realistic goals and re-evaluating them at regular intervals. If you don’t know what you hope to achieve with each email campaign, your emails will not be strong and targeted. Also, be willing to make changes in your approach as your customers and your business evolve.

Take Advantage of Holiday Promotions

Keep your emails upbeat and fun. A great way to do this is to tailor them to celebrate whatever holiday is coming up. Your readers will enjoy reading the emails and it will let them know that you are human and have feelings. It’s also great to offer discounts for each holiday that are especially tailored to the theme for that holiday.

Always Stress Benefits

When writing your emails, always tell your readers what benefits they can expect from your product or services. Don’t just talk about features because your readers don’t care about them until they know what those features can do for them. When you have convinced them that there is value for them in what you are offering, they will click the buy button.

When emailing potential customers you should always include a complete summary of your offer. Include a line in the email that asks them to carefully review the offer. Then add a postscript that reiterates there are no hidden fees or other costs if they buy this offer.

Don’t include opt-in boxes that are pre-checked in your email. Many potential customers will see this as too pushy and they will think you are sleazy and untrustworthy. Also, by asking them to check the box to opt in there will be fewer returns because the customer actually had to do something to get the offer. Psychologically, this helps them take ownership for their choice.

To refresh and update your marketing campaign, try these tips in your next email marketing piece and you might be surprised by the uptick in response. Response rates are critically important to your success and there is money to be made in every added response that you pull in. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market online today so make it work for your business.